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(i)Exporter and distributor of following commodities as spices,pulses and rice
(ii)Exporter and distributor of following Building Construction Materials
(iii)Civil Contract Works
(iv)Web Component Packages

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South India,Tamilnadu

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About Webcomponent development

Component-based approach has in last years shown considerable successes in many application domains. Distributed and web-based systems, desktop and graphical applications are typical examples of domains in which component-based approach has been very successful. In these domains the general-purpose component technologies, such as COM, .NET, EJB, J2EE are used.
Process of webcomponent development
3.Design and development
4.Content writing
8.Maintenance and update
The component model for the Web (also known as Web Components) consists of four pieces designed to be used together to let web application authors define widgets with a level of visual richness not possible with CSS alone, and ease of composition and reuse not possible with script libraries today.
These pieces are:
(i)Templates, which define chunks of markup that are inert but can be activated for use later.
(ii)Decorators, which apply templates to let CSS affect rich visual and behavioral changes to documents.
(iii)Custom elements, which let authors define their own elements, including new presentation and API, that can be used in HTML documents.
(iv)Shadow DOM which defines how presentation and behavior of decorators and custom elements fit together in the DOM tree.Both decorators and custom elements are called components.
Web Technology Overview
(i) Describe the role of web components in a Java EE application
(ii) Define the HTTP request-response model
(iii) Compare Java Servlets, JSP, and JSF